Still Suffering from Injury


Hey Guys,

As you may have noticed I haven’t posted a blog for a while! So I wanted to write and let you all know what’s been going on in my life and with my golf!

This year was my first year as a professional, and for the past 5 months I have been out with an injury. It all started back in April after my second LETAS event in France when I had aching and shooting pains in and around my elbow joint. As soon as I got home I went to see my doctor who gave me the option of physio treatment or an MRI scan. I choose to see my physio who treated me for “tennis/golfers elbow”

After 5 weeks out I went back to compete at an event in Sweden, which proved this injury was more than what I first thought. I came home after 1 round, having to withdraw from the event. Once back home I thought I would go and see my doctor again. This time he sent me to an orthopedic surgeon, in my home town of Bolton, who proceeded to tell me that he thought I had a joint problem and not “tennis/golfers elbow” I had a CT arthogram scan but this showed nothing unusual in the joint.

By now it had been around 3 months and no one could find out what was happening. In this time my arms felt like they were getting worse and aching more and more. I started to struggle with simple day to day tasks such as brushing my hair, squeezing a shampoo bottle, putting petrol in my car and writing. I started to get extremely frustrated that nobody could give me an answer and I was unable to play golf because of my injury.

Around one month ago now I had a consultation with a specialist physio who is a friend of my Dad’s. I was reaching out for more opinions and simply someone who could give me an answer. Stuart was able to tell me something totally new. All my aches and pains where because of my shoulder positioning causing tension in my back and neck which had an effect on my arms, partially cutting the blood flow off down my arms.

I am now being treated by Stuart intensely every week. I have acupuncture along with other treatments and am feeling more positive that I’ll be back hitting balls again soon.

There is no real time frame to say when I will be back playing or competing, it all depends how my body reacts to the treatments and how fast it can recover. My plan is to be back fully fit for next season playing on the LETAS. I am really looking forward to getting back!

That’s all for now!

Kelly xx